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Wa Jeal Sichuan Chili House is a pioneering Asian restaurant on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, serving authentic Sichuan food. Vibrant in design and cuisine, this Asian cuisine haven in Manhattan offers the latest in authentic Sichuan food.

Intimate lighting and an open, casual atmosphere draw diners of all ages to this friendly Asian spot. Using market-fresh ingredients, Wa Jeal's signature dishes are Wa Jeal's Chili Oceanic, Chef's Ma Paul Diced Fish & Crispy Tofu, Stir Fried Assorted Fresh Mushrooms with Hua Jiao Spice and Wok Roasted Chili, which can't be found at any other NYC Sichuan restaurant.

Bringing this spicy tradition to the Upper East Side, Wa Jeal is a new type of Chinese restaurant that you definitely don't want to miss. Located between 82nd St and 83rd St, Wa Jeal is an ideal location for a casual lunch date or a romantic evening on the Upper East Side.

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1588 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10028
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